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Trethek Studio for the Health and Wellness sector

by Hannah Danson

The health and wellness sector has been growing in recent years, in Cornwall and elsewhere. Businesses catering to a variety of types of therapy, various wellbeing programmes, and general mental health support are growing, and flourishing.

There is an increasing awareness that mental health needs to be cared for in the same way that physical health should be, so there is a growing market for support, as people seek something that’s been missing in their lives.

If your business operates in this sector, you’ll know the challenges of positioning your offering in a crowded marketplace. Why is your type of hypnotherapy the one that someone should choose over the next practitioner? Why should someone even look to hypnotherapy – might acupuncture work instead?

Building an effective marketing strategy

And there’s another challenge – exactly how are you supposed to market your services!

You have issues of client confidentiality, and privacy, and the fact that every single person is different so what worked for one person will need to be adjusted for another.

You need to steer clear of sounding like you’re saying “Lady, YOU need HELP!”

You can’t be pushy – a nagging tone will turn people away, guaranteed!

At Trethek Studio, we have an in-house marketing expert, who is as good at her job as you are at yours. She will help you establish your ideal target audience, work out where to find them, and judge how to engage with them for the best results. You’ll save money on advertising in the wrong places, or with the wrong language, and connect with people who are ready to work with you.

Photos and video

With photography, again, we’re the experts.

We appreciate that in many cases, you can’t put pictures of your product on your site. Before-and-after photos, like a kitchen designer, won’t work for a person wanting support with mental health issues.

Sensitive images that respect your clients’ privacy and confidentiality are a key part of inspiring confidence in new clients, so let us work out how to do that for you. It may be that we don’t use photos of people at all!

Case Studies

One that that often works well in this field is case studies. Maybe not a single client, but an amalgamated ‘example client’ drawn from several with similar experiences, whom you have helped in the past.

We can talk about Interesting Ltd, a small business which brought you in to offer mental health support to their staff after a traumatic incident in the workplace. We can talk about Ms Jones, who came to you for help developing a healthy relationship with food.

The case study format, looking at what the problem was, how you worked with the client, and what the outcome was – plus quotes to say how happy the client was afterwards, if we can – will help illustrate your effectiveness, and range, to future potential clients.

Your budget

There’s one other thing that’s often the case in the health and wellness sector – you’re not in it for the money! You’re doing what you do because you’re driven to help people. We get that. We totally respect it. And we’re not going to try and charge you an arm and a leg for what we do.

Your budget is what it is, and we will never ask you to stump up thousands of pounds in advertising costs, or hit you with hidden charges after we’ve started working for you. We will often create a pick-and-mix quote for clients, offering marketing planning, website design services, graphic design services, photography, case study creation and whatever else you need – but on an as-needed basis. You can start with the marketing, get the website sorted out next quarter, update the photos in the summer when it’s not raining (fingers crossed), and start developing case studies in the autumn. That’s fine.

Get in touch

We've just relocated to a brand new studio in the Health and Wellbeing Innovation Centre, at Treliske, Truro, where we have a studio, and meeting space, so we'd love to see you, and chat about what you need.

Do drop us a line if you’ve seen something here that you’re interested in.


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