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Trethek Studio for the fashion industry

By Hannah Danson

Under one roof

Isn’t it convenient when everything you need is under one roof! Shopping malls, and places like Amazon have made a business of it, and while Trethek Studio isn’t either Amazon or a shopping mall, we do have a lot of things under one roof!

In the fashion industry, we know that there’s a lot that needs to come together to successfully market a range of clothing, or a brand. The clothes themselves are your responsibility, but at Trethek Studio, we have photographers, a videographer, a stylist, hair and make-up artists, and connections to a variety of models for the images you need. In addition, we have in-house web design, graphic design and copywriting, together with marketing and social media expertise, to handle the nuts and bolts of what it takes to share your products with the world.

Our goal is to provide all you need, in a single, simple package, with no hidden extras. We will charge a small project management fee to bring it all together for you, but we’ll be saving you endless time and hassle running around sorting it all out for yourself, so it’s definitely worth it!

Social connections

We also have great connections in the wider fashion industry, especially locally, and can make sure that we link you up with the right people, to get articles published (and seen), to set up collaborations, and with the right people on social media to share your products and raise your profile.

Your social presence can be vital in creating a buzz, especially for a small brand, or a a niche product, and we have the expertise to help you make that happen. That includes photography, behind the scenes shots, videos, even making-of material, to help drive engagement.

And the words…

In such a visual industry, it can be easy to forget the words, and just hope that the pictures do the talking for you, but even the perfect dress needs something for Google to latch on to, and something for people to read about. You might attract more people if you can talk about your eco-conscious ethos, or use words to evoke the aspirational lifestyle that goes with your range, for example.

Our copywriter will work with you to capture your tone of voice, and the language to speak to your potential customers, whether that’s for product descriptions, or your entire website – as well as articles, blogs or flyers for events.

Why choose Trethek?

We know the marketplace in Cornwall, and we know that many of the people creating great clothing are small businesses – which is exactly why we’ve priced our packages to fit smaller budgets.

In March 2023, we went with sports brand Leeshfit to Alicante, for a photoshoot for their summer range. It was so successful that we immediately booked a week in Gran Canaria, in March 2024. There is space for several other brands to join us, and we have a whole villa, with a pool, so a variety of different locations are possible.

Drop us a line if you’re interested in anything that we can offer, but get in touch quickly if Gran Canaria sparks your interest. That’ll book up fast!



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