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Trethek studio for the construction industry

by Hannah Danson

Various team members at Trethek Studio have prior experience in the construction industry and allied trades and we are delighted to offer our services to this group.

We know that for many in construction, dealing with marketing, your website, social media, and so on, are perhaps your least favourite part of your job. In fact you might even ignore them if you thought you could get away with it...

That's why Trethek Studio could be exactly what you need.

We will be happy to work with you to determine the best marketing strategy to ensure your potential customers know about you, and we can explore social media to help you share that message. Our managed social media packages will take all the hard work out of creating and publishing relevant content as often, and in as many channels, as you need. We can also run a series of posts to launch a new product or service, or for an event.

We offer a comprehensive range of photography and videography services, including drones, to showcase what you can do. Often, a series of photos of your landscaping, roofing, construction, or paving will give a great feel of your expertise to potential clients. And a flythrough of a property or grounds will highlight your skills.

Our services also include web design and web content, so you can present an attractive and informative ‘shop window’ to your customers, online. We will help you use the right words to appeal to your clients, and present a website that is easy for them to navigate and answers their questions.

Often a case study featuring a happy client, can be a great sales tool for your business. We can pick out the issues that you solved for that client, and you can use the case study to demonstrate your range to future clients. If Client A had a garden with difficult access, and you Can demonstrate how you worked around those constraints, other clients with tricky access will see that you might be an excellent choice to work on their land, for example.

As a small studio based in Cornwall, we know our market. We’re aware that many businesses here are small, and budgets are tight. Our entire pricing structure is designed for small businesses. We'd love to have a conversation with you about how we can support your business, to find more customers, to present a professional profile online, and to achieve the next level in what you do.

Please do drop us a line at or catch us at one of the Your Partnerships networking events. We hope to be at the Property, Investment, Construction and Trade Networking Events in Hayle and Roche regularly, and other events as well.

We look forward to hearing from you.


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