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Trethek Studio for SMEs

by Hannah Danson

When you’re a small business, it can sometimes feel like everything costs more than you want it to, and you’re having to balance the pennies all the time. Here at Trethek Studio, we understand that. All the professionals who work under our banner are sole traders or small businesses, and we know what it’s like.

That’s why our pricing structure is clear, and our pledge is that there will be no hidden costs, and no extra charges. If you want your website redesigning, there is a clear costs for that. If you need photos taking to put in it, then there is a clear cost for that, and any charges for additional mileage will be shown upfront.

Project co-ordination

If you need a complex service from us, involving several different team members, then there will be a project management charge, clearly stated on your quote. We won’t slide it in by silently raising the price on you, because we believe you deserve to know what you’re paying for. And you’re not silly – you will understand that you’re paying for our time to co-ordinate the project so that you don’t have to. You won’t be playing phone tag with your copywriter to make sure they’re fulfilling the brief from the web designer, because we’ll co-ordinate that in-house.

Local, trusted

With one notable exception, the entire Trethek Studio team is based in Cornwall, and has worked locally for many years. You will see us at Networking events, wedding fairs, and business shows. You’ll probably also meet us in other places as well, as we get on with our lives. There are dozens of people, in a wide spectrum of sectors, who have worked with us, and can vouch for us. We’ve only recently come together under than Trethek Studio brand, but we’re a known commodity.

The advantage of being local is that we know what works here. We’re not a London company, with no idea what it’s like outside the M25!

And the exception – well, that’s Billie, our web designer. She lives and works in Thailand! She can do everything that’s needed from there, and the time zone difference isn’t so drastic that we never get to talk to her. 10am here is 4pm for her, so we occasionally get emails arriving at silly-o’clock in the morning (our time) which we don’t reply to until later.

Flexible and adaptable

Another advantage of being small is that we’re adaptable. We know that no two customers are alike, and while we offer a variety of differently-sized packages, that’s really a starting point for conversations. If you want a much larger website than our standard package, or a single page site to hold your domain name till you get things rolling, then ask, and we’ll give you a quote.

We also offer a kind of pick-and-mix, where we quote for everything you need, and you choose which order to take the pieces, and when. You might decide that the revamp of your website can actually wait until next winter, as long as you can get some better pictures in it in the meantime. And that the drone shots over your premises needs to wait until the sun is shining, so maybe not just yet…

That’s fine – we know that your budget is finite, and you have other things that also need to be paid for.

So, if that sounds good to you, drop us a line, and we can start a conversation.

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