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Trethek Studio for Makers and Craftspeople

Updated: Apr 4, 2023

by Hannah Danson

Cornwall is a wonderful place to be a creative person. There’s something about this place that inspires, and there are so many people in workshops and studios and sheds across the county, making wonderful things out of glass, pottery, metal, precious stones, fabric, paint, driftwood or any other thing that inspires them.

For many of these creative folks, making the things that they love is what gets them out of bed in the morning. Some have chosen to earn a living making and selling their pieces, but let’s be honest, the business of selling isn’t that exciting. You’d far rather be in your studio than on social media or your website!

AKR Ceramics

Where and how to sell your items

Planning a marketing strategy can seem like a big ask, when you’d rather be in your workshop. How are you supposed to know the best places to sell your items, or the best websites to list them on, or how to frame the products to maximise the interest?

They always say, ‘keep doing it the way you’ve always done it, and you’ll keep getting the results you’ve always got’.

But is that good enough?

Have you considered changing how you’re talking about things?

AKR Ceramics

For example, you make your own fabric, and some of your designs have dogs on. At the moment, you sell on Etsy and in craft fairs... Have you considered marketing your products in dog magazines, and selling the fabric by the yard via sewing forums?

At Trethek Studio, we have marketing experts who can chat through your current activities and discuss how to maximise your opportunities. You don’t have to have all the good ideas – that’s what we do!

What if…

Selling online, whether through Amazon, Etsy, Not on the High Street, or your own website, can be tedious and time-consuming. First off, taking good photos, then writing attention-grabbing descriptions, plus measuring and weighing the item, and finally sharing the information in appropriate places. And then repeating for every item.

What if some of that labour could be taken off your hands?

How helpful would it be to have a photographer and a stylist to get the best out of your products, and even human models, to wear the jewellery maybe? How about using a copywriter to put a professional spin on the words? That would leave you just to create the listings, giving you much more time to create!

This is a very viable option, if you create unique items beyond a certain price-point, or multiples of the same item, and saves you a considerable amount of work.

What Trethek Studio can offer

Trethek Studio is a group of freelancers who have come together to offer our services to businesses and craftspeople in Cornwall and beyond, covering photography, videography and drones, marketing, web design, copywriting, social media and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). As you can see, we are all creative people – so we know what it’s like!

Porth Jewellery

And here’s thing: we have priced our services for small businesses. We’re never going to ask you to stump up thousands for Facebook advertising; we know your budgets are tight. But your time is tighter. So think about it like this: you can invest in marketing, photography or product descriptions, thus freeing up your time to create, and get a better result than if you’d done it yourself. That’s got to be a good deal!

Drop us a line on and find out more.

Have a look at our blog about working with Angi Richardson, the ceramicist, to find out more about what we can do.


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