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Launching our Models page

Updated: Mar 27, 2023

by Hannah Danson

Trethek Studio is delighted to launch our models page, featuring the models we work with most frequently. There are four at present, and we will be adding more as we expand our portfolio. For each model we include a selection of different images, taken from different photo shoots we have done with them, to show the variety of looks and styles each can do. We also include height and size information, as well as details about their colouring, build, and any tattoos or piercings, to enable our clients to make an informed choice regarding who they think would best suit their products.

There are other models that we have worked with, including men, older women, babies and children, and clients can bring their own models to shoots if they wish, in order to get the look that they want for their product.

Working with models for your product photography

Photo shoots are our bread and butter, and form a large part of what Trethek Studio does, at least as we are setting up. We have a lot of experience in this area, and can work with a wide variety of different products including clothing, sportswear, bridal wear, jewellery and more. We also have a makeup artist and hair stylist who we use regularly, if you need that, and can take video shots, if that is what is best for your product and the channels in which you are advertising. In addition we have a stylist we work with on many of our shoots, who helps to present your products to their best advantage.

For some of our clients, arranging a shoot with a model or models is something they haven't done before. We are happy to advise on all aspects of a modelling shoot, and give you all the support you need. Many clients need guidance around the time taken for a given number of outfits, or jewellery items, for example.

Being prepared in advance is key, so that we can make the best use of the time that you have us for. We are also happy to discuss where would be the best place to show off your products, whether that is on location, or in a studio.

A fun extra we can offer is a behind the scenes ‘making of’ video, that you can share on your socials, to increase engagement with your brand.

As we know our models well, we can help you choose who will show your product off to the best advantage, but it is not always possible to have your first choice, for reasons of availability, or perhaps the size of your sample pieces.

Working with us

Do drop us a line if you have a product or products that need a person in to show them off at their best. We can chat with you and set up the kind of shoot that will make your hard work really shine!

We also offer copywriting services including product descriptions, that can dovetail with the product photography into a single package, if you need that in addition.

We would be interested to hear anyone who would like to work with us as a model, whatever your age, gender or style. Please get in touch with Glen, on, and we can discuss how that would work.


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