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Ceramics photoshoot for Angi Richardson

Updated: Apr 4, 2023

by Hannah Danson

Angi Richardson is a potter, making gorgeous stoneware, including mugs, bowls and jewellery, in St Agnes. Trethek Studio approached her about having a photoshoot of some of her pottery, for both her portfolio and ours, which Angi happily agreed to.

Angi’s pottery is created from white and buff clay, sourced near St Agnes where she lives. Her inspiration is drawn from the colours she sees around her, and her work sometimes features leaves or plants from her garden, or the hedgerows she walks past daily with her dog. White, sand-and-stone-colours, and vivid blues make up most of Angi’s palette.

Trethek Studio’s stylist Ella Curtis took her lead from this, and used natural-coloured backdrops to enhance Angi’s pottery, a vivid blue in one set of images, and also wood.

In addition to Ella, the Trethek Team was comprised of Richard Randell, who took the photos, and Glen Budgen, who shot a one-minute film showing Angi at work, creating a mug, shaping and attaching the handle, and setting up her kiln for first and second firings, to harden the pottery, and then fire the decorative glaze. These making-of type films are increasingly popular, and can be used on clients’ social media to encourage engagement, and raise people’s interest.

To find out more about Angi and her work, see her website and Instagram.

For more about how Trethek Studio can work with craftspeople and makers, see our blog and to get in touch with us, for support in your own creative work, drop us a line via


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