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Alicante – location photo-shoot

Updated: Mar 28, 2023

by Hannah Danson

In early March, shooting beachwear is best done somewhere other than the UK. If you try it here, your models will get hypothermia, their hair will destroy itself in seconds, and there will be sand in places no human, or camera, needs sand.

This is why, for a long weekend in March this year, Glen, Trethek Studio’s photographer, and four of our models, went to Alicante, with Alicia of Leeshfitt. Alicia wanted to get the images for her summer ‘23 catalogue, featuring swimwear, and gymwear, and wanted location shots, that helped sell the tropical feel, rather than studio shots.

The group we took was Alicia Stoops, owner of Leeshfitt and occasional model, our models Ella Avery, Kaya Ford, Chloe Peat and Ella Curtis who was also our stylist for the trip, photographer Glen Budgen, and Ella C’s boyfriend Andrew, who helped Glen with setting up shots and lugging kit around.

Across a long weekend, Glen shot in four locations, beginning with the marina on the first afternoon. The second day, everyone went up to the Castle of Santa Bárbara where additional shots for the models’ own portfolios, and for Alicia herself.

The beach was the setting in the afternoon, for swimwear, featuring a couple of convenient palm trees.

A yacht was the prop on the third day – we must add that the yacht was hired with a pilot – it wouldn’t have got very far with the Trethek Studio team in charge! A more sheltered location was found back at the marina, to finish shooting the whole of Leeshfitt’s summer range.

While it was definitely warmer than Cornwall, it was still quite cold, and windy in places, but the most important thing was that it looks sunny, and shows off Leeshfitt’s vibrant colours and exciting style to the best advantage.

On the final day, more or less everyone slept on the plane home, exhausted by the relentless schedule, which is why it’ll be slightly different next time…

If a location shoot is what’s needed for your products, and you want to guarantee the conditions, then talk to Glen about what we can arrange.

What's next?

To shoot Leeshfitt’s summer ‘24 range, we have already booked a villa in Gran Canaria, for a week in March, to allow for pool shots as well as beach and other backgrounds. We plan to take a handful of models again, but would be interested in hearing from any other brands who could join us, with their products, to maximise the value of the trip for everyone. Anyone whose products have a surf-y beach-y vibe, or a sporty feel is invited to get in touch.

We are also on the lookout for more models to join our regular team. We are not an agency, and aren’t looking for work on their behalf, but will use ‘our’ models in photo shoots for our clients, where appropriate.

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